Serbia set to buy defence industry plant in Bosnia's Republika Srpska entity

NEWS 29.07.2021 21:40

Serbia’s defence industry is set to take over the Kosmos Aviation Depot in the Bosnia's Republika Srpska, the eKapija portal reported on Wednesday.

It quoted a report by the Capital portal in Bosnia-Herzegovina which said that the Serbian defence industry has already taken control of the Zrak electronics firm in the town of Teslic, also a defense industry plant in the BiH's RS entity. Preparations for the takeover of Kosmos have been underway for months, it said.

The plant, based in Banjaluka employed 1,600 people covering the needs of the Yugoslav air force.

The Kosmos management confirmed Capital portal’s report. The plant produced radar, missile and computer systems and conducted maintenance on that equipment. It also made removable runways and trained personnel.

It lost its market presence when the war in Bosnia broke out.

The takeover means that the state of Serbia will become a strategic partner once it buys Kosmos through one of its defense industry companies. The takeover includes payment of debts which total around 12 million Euro.


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