Serbian government lifts COVID border measures

NEWS 02.05.2022 16:39
Source: N1

The Serbian government decided to lift all COVID measures for anyone entering the country as of Tuesday, May 3, 2022, a press release said on Monday.

It said that Serbian and foreign nationals will not be obliged to have a negative PCR or other test, proof of recovery from COVID or proof of vaccination regardless of where they are travelling from.

“The decision to allow free entry into the country to Serbian and foreign citizens was taken on the basis of the current epidemiological situation in the country and is in line with the decisions of a majority of countries in Europe and the region. The competent institutions will continue to monitor the development of the epidemiological situation on an hourly basis and will inform the public on time,” the press release said.

It added that the decision “does not mean that the coronavirus pandemic is over nor that people should not take care of their health”.

“The recommendation to wear masks indoors remains in effect and wearing masks in health care institutions remains mandatory. COVID medical centers, COVID-19 virus testing stations and vaccination posts continue operating as usual,” the government press release said.


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