Serbian President: I want the closest relations with Bosniaks

NEWS 12.01.2021 09:43
Source: Screenshot

Speaking at Serbian Happy TV, President Aleksandar Vucic said he needs to build peace and good relations with everyone.

Speaking about statements of the strongest BiH Bosniak party (Democratic Action Party – SDA) he said he never responded to any of them.

“What do you think – that it's difficult for me to respond to the SDA statements from Sarajevo, to gather political points here in Belgrade? I skip that, I never or almost never respond. I don't attack them and don't want to gather political points that way,” Vucic said, adding:

I want us to have the closest relations with Bosniaks. Then, some of them will remember after some time and after many campaigns, and say ‘wait a minute, what has that man said or done against us?’.”

He noted that Serbia earmarked funds for the construction of the Novi Pazar – Tutin and Belgrade – Sarajevo high ways.

These are big things for people, we're building roads, investing where no one invested before. That's what we're focusing on, not some conflicts,” Vucic concluded.


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