Serbian ruling party local official offends Nova S reporter

NEWS 12.05.2022 13:41
Source: Shutterstock

A local Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) official called a Nova S reporter a traitor on his Facebook profile, the portal reported on Thursday.

SNS official Zdravko Mladenovic, head of the Batocina municipality, wrote offensive comments about Nova S and its reporter Zlatija Labovic calling them “clowns, traitors and deserters” following comments on the station by an opposition official who criticized the local authorities in the central Serbia municipality and planted flowers in a pothole.

Mladenovic’s Facebook post said, “some clown has been planting flowers in a hole” adding that they are the reporter, opposition official and TV are all the same. “What else can you expect from deserters, traitors, clowns, jukeboxes who sing and dance when you press a button,” the post added. said that Mladenovic insulted an N1 TV reporter in December last year and threw him out of a municipal assembly session. He also posted rolls of toilet paper with the Nova S and N1 TV logos on them.


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