Several fires near the BiH town of Tomislavgrad

NEWS 02.03.2021 22:06
Source: FENA

Five fires were active in the area of the western town of Tomislavgrad on Tuesday, endangering the forests and homes, and while they were not fully extinguished yet, firefighters managed to put them under control.

The commander of the Tomislavgrad Professional Fire Brigade, Mate Jurcevic, told the FENA news agency that the fires engulfed the area around the settlements of Mrkodal, then Bukovica, Zavelim and Vinice, and in the evening around the hamlet of Galecic near Suica.

Firefighters have been trying to extinguish the fires since the early morning hours on Tuesday and managed to prevent them from spreading further.

Juricic said the fires were caused by human negligence and police in Tomislavgrad Police Station went to the scene to investigate.


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