Sisters to face off against each other at BiH – Serbia volleyball match

NEWS 19.08.2021 10:42
Source: Instagram

The European Volleyball Championship started on August 18, and on Thursday, two sisters, Tijana and Dajana Boskovic, will face off against each other in the match between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Tijana is on Serbia’s team, while Dajana represents Bosnia, and while it will not be the first time the two are playing for different teams competitively, it will be their first match on opposing national teams.

Dajana told N1 on Thursday morning that the situation is “probably not easy” for their parents, who decided to root for both daughters.

“We didn’t talk much about this encounter. Dad said he would cheer one set for one, another for another daughter,” she said, adding that she hopes it will be a good match.

“May the best one win,” she added.

Dajana is three years older than Tijana, and went to college in the United States. When she returned home, she continued to play volleyball.

Although her sister Tijana is considered to be among the best players in the world, the two say that volleyball is not a topic they discuss that often.

Dajana told the media before that she would love to face off against her sister, as she feels it would be an interesting match.

“Although we play in different national teams, we support each other, I support Serbia with all my heart as she supports BiH,” she said.

“Believe it or not, volleyball is rarely the main topic of our conversations, we mostly talk about it after games and then exchange opinions, but rarely do we give advice to each other,” the BiH national team member told Blic a few years ago.


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