Slovenia extends restrictions, one region red again

NEWS 25.02.2021 13:57
Source: Noel CELIS / AFP

The Slovenian government on Thursday tightened restrictions in one of the country's 12 statistical regions due to a deteriorated COVID-19 situation while extending current restrictions in others until 5 March.

Speaking at a press conference in Ljubljana, government spokeswoman Maja Bratuša said the situation “in the coastal-karst region is markedly weaker than in others” and that restrictions in force in the red stage of the epidemic would be applied there.

As of Saturday, non-essential stores extending over 400 m2 and some services in that region will again be closed, while in others employees will be regularly tested for coronavirus.

Government and police representatives said that due to oscillations in new infections, one should not expect Slovenia to enter the yellow stage of the epidemic soon, which would envisage classes for all school grades and no curfew.

In the past 24 hours, 852 new coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Slovenia, with 18.7% of tests coming back positive, and seven COVID-19 deaths. The number of those hospitalised is stable. The average weekly number of new infections is 763.


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