Slovenia launches campaign in Bosnian cities to mark 30 years of independence

NEWS 01.10.2021 11:46
Source: F.Z. / N1

The Embassy of Slovenia in Sarajevo marked the beginning of the three-month campaign 'I Feel Slovenia' on October 1, in the year when the country is observing the 30th anniversary of independence and its second Presidency of the European Union Council.

On this occasion, the embassy organised a ride for foreign diplomats through the streets of the Bosnian capital on a tram coloured in green and the campaign's ‘I Feel Slovenia’ signs.

Ambassador Damijan Sedar told N1 that besides the tram tour in Sarajevo, the campaign was also promoted in Banja Luka, Tuzla and Mostar.

“Our national holiday takes place in June, but due to the Covid measures, we postponed it for this autumn. Instead of classic reception, we decided to do this promotion with the ‘I Feel Slovenia’ slogan,” said Sedar.

“Sometimes, some things should be done in a different way and we can see this turned out well. The idea came about spontaneously. Our embassy's premises are situated next to the tram tracks and as I watched the trams passing by, making the building tremble, I opted for the one that does not disturb and that we colour it in Slovenia's promotional colours, with support of the sponsors,” he added.

Interestingly, the ambassador said he also drove a tram which was, according to him, a great experience.


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