Slovenia relaxing measures amid big caution due to English strain

NEWS 25.01.2021 12:38
Source: Reuters

In the past 24 hours only 293 new coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Slovenia so the country is relaxing restrictions and reopening schools, but authorities recommend extreme caution due to the presence of the English strain, adding that the strictest measures could be reinstated.

In the past 24 hours 2,734 tests were conducted, with 20.4% of PCR and 2% of rapid antigen tests coming back positive, the Health Ministry said on Monday.

There are 18,350 active cases and the daily average of new infections in the past week is 1,236. The COVID death toll has reached 3,360, including 19 dead in the past 24 hours.

By Sunday 48,717 persons had been vaccinated against the virus.

Kindergartens will reopen on Tuesday, when classes will resume for the first three grades of primary school. Staff are being tested for the virus today and that is mandatory under the law on infectious diseases, Prime Minister Janez Jansa said.

Given “strong indications” that the English strain could be more widespread in the country than it seems, the government will reconsider the epidemiological situation by the middle of the week and if the indications prove correct, reinstate tighter restrictions.


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