Slovenia to accommodate children from orphanage in Luhansk

NEWS 16.04.2022 13:49
Source: Stringer/AFP

About 18,500 Ukrainians have passed through Slovenia since the start of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and a quarter of them, that is 4,718, are now staying in Slovenia, while 1,225 have been granted temporary protection.

The Slovenian authorities reported on Saturday that 578 Ukrainian children have been enrolled in local schools, and 30 small children in pre-school institutions, while 20 children aged between 1 and 7 from a children's home in Luhansk, together with 18 adults who care for them, will be accommodated in the village of Slavina near the town of Postojna.

The transport of those children and their carers from Ukraine to Slovenia is expected in the coming days, Slovenian media outlets have reported.


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