Slovenian soldiers could be deployed to BiH, Defence Minister says

NEWS 14.03.2022 13:06
Source: EUFOR/Arhiva

Slovenia’s Defence Ministry is considering deploying its own troops to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Minister Matej Tonin told POP-TV, adding that this country will also deploy some 200 troops within NATO’s reinforcements to the eastern flank over the concerns stemming from the war in Ukraine.

“We are increasing our presence in NATO missions”, Tonin said, adding that the security situation is deteriorating which is why the EU peace-keeping mission (EUFOR-Althea) has reinforced their presence with 500 troops and military equipment.

These units did not include troops from Slovenia, however, they might join the mission later, the Minister noted.

“Especially because some countries that have been overwhelmed by the war in Ukraine and the refugee wave coming from that country have asked us to share some of their burden. The Ministry will discuss these things in more detail, during the week,” Tonin said.


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