SNSD wins majority in Doboj and Srebrenica repeat election, watchdog says

NEWS 22.02.2021 09:58
Source: Anadolija

Bosnia's election watchdog published its first preliminary results Monday for repeat elections in Doboj and Srebrenica for the city and municipal council saying the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) won the majority in both towns.

After processing 81.13 percent of the votes, the SNSD received 11,673 votes in Doboj. The “Doboj in Our Heart” Coalition received 2,400 votes, while the “DS-DEMOS-PDS” won 2,143 votes. The Socialist Party received 1,500 votes, while the “SDP BiH-HS BiH” received 1,466 votes. The sixth is the DNS with 1,140 votes, while the seventh is the PDP with 1,098 votes, the Central Election Commission of BiH said.

The SNSD also won most of the votes in Srebrenica – 2,276. The “My Address: Srebrenica” coalition won 2,019 votes while the SDS got 1,033 votes in total.

Turnout on Sunday was 55.43 percent of voters in Doboj and 42.87 percent in Srebrenica. All polling stations were closed at 7 pm, except for three in Doboj, which were closed a little later due to delays in the opening, and the last of them closed at 7.40 pm.


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