Srebrenica Death March survivor arrested, suspected of murder

NEWS 14.09.2021 10:47
Source: Fena (Ilustracija)

Bosnia’s state police arrested on Tuesday morning Behudin Husic, one of the survivors of the Srebrenica March of Death, who is suspected of murder.

“The person was arrested on the order of the District Court in Bijeljina, based on an international arrest warrant issued for the crime of murder,” the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) told N1.

The suspect, who was arrested in Spionica, near the northeastern town of Srebrenik, appears to be Husic, who survived the July 11, 1995, March of Death during the Srebrenica Genocide.

He is, along with Ahmo Harbas and Nedzad Hasic, accused of involvement in the murder of four Serb civilians in 1996.


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