Srebrenica Deputy Mayor: Ban on genocide denial could make life easier

NEWS 24.07.2021 13:43
Source: N1

Srebrenica Deputy Mayor Hamdija Fejzic told N1 that amendments to the Criminal Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina prohibiting genocide denial imposed by the High Representative, would make life much easier for returnees and survivors of genocide if they are implemented in reality.

“We, the people who have returned here, need to continue living together and share this space no matter how much the law will have an effect. If that law bears fruit, it will be much easier for returnees and victims who survived the genocide in this area,” Fejzic noted.

He believes that the one who passed the Law should implement it to the end.

“If there are reports and if they are kept in a drawer for years, then it will become a dead letter, it will be like many other laws that have not been sufficiently implemented for the life of Bosniaks in this area. It all depends on how efficient those who are in charge of implementing that law will be,” said Fejzic.


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