Srebrenica Flower for US President Joe Biden on the occasion of July 4

NEWS 04.07.2021 13:41
Source: Fena

The author of the Silver Flower of Srebrenica, Mensur Bektic, wants to present US President Joe Biden with a large, handmade, Flower on the occasion of July 4 - the Independence Day of the United States and July 11 - the Day of Genocide in Srebrenica.

Speaking to Fena news agency, Bektic explained that President Biden raised his voice at a time when genocide was committed in Bosnia when people were killed, raped, tortured and expelled so that the whole world could hear what was happening in the country.

“I want this Flower to be on the wall of the Oval Office to remind all generations to come that genocide must never happen again and that the United States was the one who supported the victims in BiH,” Bektic said.

“The flower has 11 petals, and in each of them there are seven circles, which is a symbol of the date of the genocide in Srebrenica,” said Ibrahim Bektic.

The Srebrenica Flower can be purchased in the Bektić Jewelry Studio at the BBI Center, Sarajevo. The price is €117, which also symbolizes the date of the genocide. Around half of the amount is intended for scholarships of low-income students from Srebrenica and Zepa, selected by the Association “Mothers of the enclave of Srebrenica and Zepa.” So far, Mensur Bektic noted, they have distributed 71 scholarships €250-350.


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