Srebrenica Memorial Centre: Ukraine must raise awareness and gather evidence

NEWS 03.04.2022 12:35
Source: FENA/Arhiv

Ukraine must raise awareness and gather evidence for the crimes that are being committed, the Srebrenica Memorial Centre in Bosnia said after the Ukrainian Defence Ministry published horrific footage of the scenes from the city of Bucha along with a comment comparing it with the 1995 Srebrenica Genocide.

“Information about Bucha massacre are independently verified. Raise awareness, gather evidence, take testimonies and hope that one day perpetrators will see the face of justice. Lessons (un)learned,” the Srebrenica Memorial Centre tweeted, along with the video released by the Ukrainian Defence Ministry.


According to AFP, journalists saw about 20 bodies of people in civilian clothing “strewn across the street” in the city.

“Some lie with sightless eyes staring at Ukraine's overcast sky, some lie face down on the tarmac,” AFP wrote.



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