Srebrenica Motorcycle Marathon planned for July 9

NEWS 06.07.2022 12:00
Source: Anadolija/Arhiv

Motorcyclists from Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey are expected to participate in the 11th Srebrenica Motorcycle Marathon that will take place on July 9 and end the next day.

The marathon is organised to commemorate the genocide in Srebrenica which took place in July 1995. The organisers announced that more than 700 participants from several countries of the European Union and the region registered for participation.

The motorcyclists arriving from foreign countries will depart from Bihac on Saturday, July 9, and start their marathon towards Kljuc, Donji Vakuf, Travnik and Sarajevo.

They are expected to arrive in the capital the next day and then continue towards Kladanj, Vlasenica and Bratunac, and they plan to arrive in Potocari in the evening.


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