Srebrenica Peace March participant: I lost my father, brothers and uncle here

Source: N1

Mirza Kospic was eight years old when he lost his father, two brothers and uncle in the 1995 Srebrenica Genocide. On Sunday, he participated in the Peace March and returned to the place where his family members were killed.

Today, Kospic is a 35-year-old living abroad. He arrived in the country on Saturday and joined the Peace March on Sunday.


“On this road, I lost my father, two brothers and my uncle. I also lost my mother in ‘92 in my village, Bljeceva,” he told N1.

Kospic participated in the Peace March for the first time in 2006.

“The hardest thing for me is when I come to Potocari, when I have to meet those people again, my own people, in some other way, but life goes on,” he said, referring to the cemetery where the victims of the genocide were laid to rest.

Kospic said his two brothers, Emir (18) and Enis (16), were shot.

“Their remains were found here near Zvornicka Kamenica. I can't even wrap my head around how it's possible for someone to kill a 16-year-old child or guy (…) To kill someone who has just begun their life,” he said.

Kospic said he barely remembers his brothers because he was much younger than they were when they died.

“I buried both of them and my father in Potocari,” he said, but added that the remains of one of his brothers will be exhumed from the grave on July 13.

“They found some of his bones again, and unfortunately we will be opening those graves again and I will have to face it again,” he said.

Kospic said he managed to reach the territory that was not under the control of the Bosnian Serb army and continued his journey towards Kladanj on July 13.

“I remember as a child that they entered our bus and looked for boys 15, 16 years olds and took them out of the bus. Unfortunately, it is a terrible memory, but one must live on,” he said.

Several thousand participants of the annual commemorative Peace March Nezuk-Potocari set off Friday morning for a three-day, 100-kilometre long walk in honouor of Srebrenica genocide victims and survivors.

Source : A.I./N1

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