State police apprehend ten persons suspected of involvement in organised crime

NEWS 11.06.2021 12:25
Source: N1

Ten persons were apprehended on Friday in an operation codenamed 'Skuter 3' which the state police carried out in the greater area of the city of Tuzla, north of Sarajevo.

During the raid, the police found and temporarily seized the items that can be linked to organised crime, in connection with the “criminal offense of the illicit trade in excise products,” the State Protection and Investigation Agency reported.

The police discovered 517 kilos of fine-cut tobacco, scales and other machines for cutting tobacco and filling of cigarettes, mobile phones, 7.62 mm caliber ammunition, one hunting rifle and an automatic rifle with ammunition. They also found 64,965 Bosnian marks, 47,785 euros and 100 dollars in various denominations, 3,600 cigarette boxes without excise stamps, 133,284 pieces of rolled cigars and other items and documentation.

“The activities were implemented under the supervision and orders of the Prosecutor's Office and the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, with the assistance of the interior ministries of Republika Srpska (one of two Bosnia's semi-autonomous regions), Tuzla Canton, Zenica-Doboj Canton and Canton Sarajevo,” the state police agency said.


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