State police arrest four persons suspected of migrant smuggling

NEWS 23.03.2021 11:03
Source: Fena (Ilustracija)

Acting at the order of Bosnian Prosecutor's Office and its department for organised crime and corruption, the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) officers arrested four persons suspected of smuggling the migrants from Serbia to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The arrests were conducted on the territory of Bosnia's eastern town Zvornik, which borders Serbia.

The investigation into this case was carried out in cooperation with the Republic of Serbia, and it was aimed to discover and break the smuggling groups suspected of taking illegal migrants from Serbia through the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, gaining illegal benefit, while jeopardising the security in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The suspects are charged with acting as international group members who smuggled more than 100 migrants from Serbia to Bosnia and Herzegovina over the recent period of time.

Serbian authorities also conducted an operation on its territory, putting under arrest five members of this group including the suspected organiser of these activities.


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