Swiss media: Uli Forte possible BiH football national team coach

NEWS 13.01.2021 12:41

Swiss Blick published a conversation with the former Young Boys, Zurich and Grasshopper coach - Uli Forte who said he allegedly received an invitation to be the BiH football national team coach.


Forte, who was fired from the ranks of Grasshopper at the beginning of February 2020, said he received several offers in the meantime, and according to him, one of them was for the position of coach of the BiH national team.

It is still unknown who contacted Forte and whether he was a candidate for the coach of the popular ‘Dragons’.

Bosnia's national team is still without a coach. The last BiH Football Association Executive Board session was interrupted and it is unclear when it would continue. When it does, the BiH national team will know who the new coach will be.


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