Telemach BH presents new children's TV channel IDJKids in Bosnia

NEWS 03.11.2021 17:01
Source: Telemach BiH

The Telemach BH company presented a new children's TV channel, IDJKids, in Bosnia and Herzegovina on Tuesday.

The programme of the IDJKids TV channel, which began broadcasting as part of Telemach’s offer on Tuesday, contains children's lullabies, cartoons and children's shows that have already gained massive popularity on YouTube. The IDJKids Play Video club catalogue also offers content synchronized in the local language.

IDJ KIDS is a regional leader in the production of children's YouTube content, with over 800 million views and 800,000 subscribers on its channel.

The new TV channel and catalogue are available as part of the Start package for Telemach and Total TV users.

“We continue to follow global trends and offer the best content to all our customers. IDJKids is adapted to children of the new age and is also adored by their parents,” the company said.


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