Ten apprehended in football hooliganism incident in Mostar

NEWS 25.04.2021 13:00
Source: Faktor

Ten persons were apprehended Saturday evening in the southern city of Mostar in a football fan riot that followed after the match between the local football club ‘Zrinjski’ and FC ‘Sarajevo’.

Although the fans are not allowed in the stadium, a group of ‘Zrinjski’ supporters briefly interrupted the match as they threw torches over the fence onto the pitch.

According to local media, a group of some 50 ‘Zrinjski’ supporters called ‘Ultras’ entered the Donja Mahala neighbourhood where they clashed with supporters of another Mostar-based club ‘Velez’ known as ‘Red Army’. They were using pyrotechnics, throwing bottles and stones, and the clash eventually spread to other neighbourhoods.

The incident took place after midnight, despite the curfew that started at 9 pm.

The Herzegovina-Neretva Canton Interior Ministry said that ten persons were apprehended.

Mostar Mayor Mario Kordic condemned the hooliganism and asked the police to present a detailed report on the riots and to punish the perpetrators.

He stressed that the images of such events will not be sent out from Mostar again.


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