The oldest skydiver in Europe is a Bosnian man called Ibrahim

An 88-year-old Ibrahim Kalesic from Bosnia is the oldest skydiver in Europe who says his biggest wish is to get two parachutes, one for himself and the other to train young skydivers.

After completing his 1,487th jump, Kalesic told Reuters he feels great. “Rested psychologically and enjoying great company,” Kalesic said adding that he exercises daily for 15 minutes and his wife ensures he is careful with his diet.

When he was young, Kalesic attended training at a flying centre in Serbia. After that, he became a jumping instructor. In 1963, he set a Yugoslav record by jumping from an altitude of 5,500 meters, Reuters reported.

“I wish to go on with this for another 10 years so to get into a Guinness book of world records as the Bosnian parachuter,” Kalesic noted.

being retired he is unable to afford a parachute but he says he would love to have one to train new students who would then replace him in jumping competitions.


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