‘The West yielded, Russia got everything it wanted in Bosnia’

NEWS 02.11.2021 22:29
Source: N1

The UN Security Council’s (UNSC) negotiations behind closed doors are over. The Russians got what they wanted. Moscow practically demanded in an ultimatum that the High Representative not address the UN, in exchange for the resolution on the extension of EUFOR to be adopted without their veto, journalist Erol Avdovic wrote on his Facebook profile.

“Thus, we will have a new text of the Resolution, which has actually been agreed for a long time and not just in recent days – so that the Office of the High Representative (OHR) and the High Representative are not mentioned anywhere in the Resolution on EUFOR (peace-keeping force). In the end, it seems that the Americans agreed to it, even though it seemed that they made an effort and that their red line was – the demand that [High Representative Christisn] Schmidt addresses the UNSC. They have opted for a Solomon solution and it seems that everyone is calm now, if not completely satisfied because EUFOR is moving on,” the New York-based journalist said.

According to him, the Russians are still fine with some EUFOR 700 soldiers, which is better than sending more robust NATO forces.

“In the end, the West is ‘satisfied’, because probably – the EU and the USA were not ready to send more (thousands) of new NATO soldiers to BiH at this moment, if the EUFOR mission had to end,” Avdovic concluded. “The fact that this High Representative will not be in New York or on the video link from Sarajevo—it seems, does not particularly concern anyone. This is indeed the infamous and not entirely credible beginning of Christian Schmidt. He is the first High Representative banned from addressing the UN. This is what it means when Schmidt said ‘I’m not Paddy Ashdown.’ He’s definitely not. Or when he said that the Bonn powers are in his drawer. Maybe the cat ate them, or the [Sarajevo river] Miljacka washed them away.”


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