Third Sarajevo LGBTI Pride March ends without incident

NEWS 25.06.2022 19:49
Source: N1/F.Z.

After some 500 participants of the third Sarajevo LGBTI Pride march gathered in front of the Historic Museum of BiH on Saturday, Dina Bajraktarevic, one of the organizers of the march thanked everyone for coming and noted their demands.

“Thank you for showing your solidarity when we encountered various barriers, such as imposing additional security measures in the form of concrete and iron fences, paying for the presence of ambulances, paying for our safety on the streets that belong to us, as well,” she said. “We all walked today for all our families. Today, we are here to show that this day and age is not so conventional and traditional at all and that the family is a flexible construct that has always been built exclusively around the values of love, support and understanding.”

Bajraktarevic noted that she has the full support of her parents and relatives.

“My problem lies in society, in laws and institutions that don’t recognize us as valid. Forcing us between our four walls,” she stressed.

The participants of this year’s Pride march then enjoyed a ballet performance after which regular traffic resumed.

Before the Pride march, a number of Sarajevans held a counter meeting at which they said they will never accept the LGBTI community and that they stand for the traditional family. the organizer of this meeting Sanjin Musa also said their gathering would not be covered live by the press, despite the press being there to cover the gathering.

This year’s Pride march went without a single incident.


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