Third Sarajevo LGBTI Pride march kicks off (Gallery)

NEWS 25.06.2022 17:22
Source: F.Z/N1

The third Sarajevo LGBTI Pride march kicked off at exactly 5 pm from the direction of Sarajevo's Eternal Flame ending at the Historic Museum around 19.30, when organizers will hold a short address. Below is the gallery captured by N1's photographer.

This year's Pride march it held under the motto “Family day” and many parents joined the march in support of their children:

“I came from Banja Luka to support my daughter. It is important that people see that these are normal people and that they are not sick, that we are here with our children. My child also had problems, at school, at college, in public transport…” said the mother of one of the participants in the Pride march.

The gathering is also attended by the BiH MP Damir Arnaut, who pointed out that he came with his family and that he is proud of what he sees in Sarajevo today.