Three Serb ex-soldiers given 14 years each for war crimes in central Bosnia

NEWS 15.01.2021 08:43
Source: N1

The Appeals Chamber of the State Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Thursday upheld a trial-court ruling sentencing three wartime Bosnian Serb soldiers to 14 years in prison each for killing 28 Bosniak and Croat prisoners of war in central Bosnia in 1995, the court reported on Thursday.

The defendants Branko Čigoja, Željko Todić, and Saša Boškić were convicted of war crimes they had committed in Mrkonjić Grad and Donji Vakuf.

On 13 September 1995, they killed 24 local Bosniaks and four Croats in the village of Oborci near Donji Vakuf after the victims had been captured in Mrkonjić Grad and forced to dig ditches for the Serb army in the area.


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