Three top members of Montenegrin organised crime gang arrested in Bosnia

NEWS 11.02.2021 16:33
Source: N1

Police in Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity arrested three high-ranking members of the ‘Skaljari clan’, a Montenegrin organised crime gang, and handed them over to Bosnia’s Service for Foreigners' Affairs which is expected to deport them back to their country.

The three Montenegrin nationals, Milan Krsic, Filip Roganovic and Boban Sjekloca, were arrested on mount Jahorina, near the capital, on Wednesday evening, RS police said.

Montenegrin security services, however, said that the three are connected to another organised crime gang – the ‘Kavac clan’.

One of the arrested was the subject of an international arrest warrant.

Montenegrin “Vijesti” reported about this event, stating that the police disarmed and arrested the security in the tourist complex late last night, according to another clan “Kavcani”.


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