Izetbegovic writes to Sassoli and Tusk regarding the non-paper document

NEWS 16.04.2021 16:28
Source: Bakir Izetbegović (FENA)

The Leader of the Democratic Action Party (SDA) Bakir Izetbegovic wrote to the President of the European Parliament David Sassoli and the leader of the European People's Party (EPP) Donald Tusk regarding "non-paper" documents that appeared in public, proposing a change of borders in the Western Balkans.

In his letters, Izetbegovic noted that the citizens of BiH, but also the entire region of the Western Balkans, are upset by a series of events that create the perception that a “peaceful dissolution” is just a mimicry for secessionism in certain circles within the European Union, which has long been advocated by the leader of the ruling Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) party in the country’s Serb-dominated Republika Srpska entity, Milorad Dodik, with the support of certain circles outside BiH.

He added that, regardless of who is the author of the “non-paper,” and to whom and when the document was presented, it is clear that part of the right-wing and pro-fascist parties in Europe, which are under the obviously malign influence of forces outside Europe, are promoting topics mentioned in the document which are dangerous not just for Bosnia but the entire EU.

“Secessionist, pro-fascist, and as a rule of thumb Islamophobic movements and parties, which advocate the non-paper policies and theses, strike at the very foundations of the EU. What is happening at the moment is not only a problem for us in BiH or the region but also for the whole of the entire Europe, which is based on the principle of inviolability of state borders,” Izetbegovic pointed out.

“Therefore, I find it necessary that the European Parliament, as well as other EU institutions, once again clearly define the commitment to the principle of inviolability of borders throughout Europe, and provide full support to Bosnia and Herzegovina and its path to full EU membership. The secessionist and retrograde forces will interpret the absence of a decisive reaction as a weakening of the EU support for the territorial integrity of BiH and a form of support for their aspirations,” Izetbegovic wrote.

Source : FENA/Emanuel Soca

Covic: We need to implement reforms so we wouldn’t talk about the dissolution

Answering N1’s question to comment on the allegations from the non-papers, the leader of the Croat Democratic Union (HDZ BiH) – the strongest Bosnian Croat party, Dragan Covic said that the non-paper is only that and that it does exist.

“It’s clear that something was written down somewhere, but is it exactly as it was presented to the public…? You also have the denials, so why speculate about something that no one has seen. We need to make reforms in BiH so as not to talk about the dissolution in BiH, because if we respect the Constitution, then everything is fine by my standards, and if something needs to be changed in the Constitution, then according to constitutional procedures we need to agree on how to change it,” Covic said

He also said that chances for a constitutional change are slim.

The HDZ leader reiterated that there will be much speculation about BiH because there has been speculation over the last 30 years, so it should come as no surprise.


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