Tourists from UAE and Serbia made most overnight stays in Bosnia

NEWS 04.10.2022 13:35
Source: F.Z./N1

Around 470,000 overnight stays were recorded by the BiH Statistics Agency in August most of which were made by tourists from Serbia and the UAE, the Agency said Wednesday.

Tourists made 469,671 overnight stays in BiH in August, which is 16.8 percent more compared to July 2022 and 22.8 percent more compared to August 2021. In the total number of overnight stays, the participation of domestic tourists was 31.6 percent, while the participation of foreign tourists was 68.4 percent.

In the structure of overnight stays by foreign tourists in August 2022, the most overnight stays were achieved by tourists from: Serbia (9.8 percent), United Arab Emirates (8.6 percent), Croatia (7.5 percent), Saudi Arabia (6.4 percent), Germany (6.2 percent), Kuwait (4.5 percent), Slovenia (4.3 percent), Turkey (3.8 percent) and France (3.5 percent), which is a total of 54.6 percent. Tourists from other countries accounted for 45.4 percent of overnight stays.

In terms of length of stay in BiH, tourists from the following destinations stayed the longest: Kuwaitis wh an average stay of 4.0 nights, Japan and Brazil with 3.8 nights each, Portugal and Ireland with 3.7 nights each, and tourists from Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, France and Egypt stayed 3.3 nights each.


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