Turkish hackers attack Serbian Finance Ministry portal

Tabuti u hali u Potočarima
Source: Tabuti u hali u Potočarima (Anadolija)

Turkish hackers brought down one of the web portals of the Serbian Finance Ministry on Friday, the 021.rs website reported.

It said that the Akincilar hacker group attacked the javnidug.gov.rs site, denying access to the portal of the Finance Ministry’s public debt department. A message said that Akincilar had hacked the site.

The hackers replaced the front page with a photograph of a hall with a large number of coffins in it and the number 8372, corresponding to the number of people killed in Srebrenica in 1995, as well as the word unutmadik (not forgotten).

The 021.rs portal recalled that Akincilar attacked Greek and Israeli government and business portals, the portal of the French satirical magazine Charli Hebdo among others. Akincilar is said to support Turkish President Rexhep Tayyip Erdogan and is alleged to have attacked websites in countries that have disputes with Turkey.


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