Two died, 16 injured in explosion that rocked Belgrade suburb

NEWS 23.11.2021 20:08
Source: Čitalac N1

An explosion in 'EdePro' company manufacturing parts for missiles, rocket turbo engines and fuel, shook the Belgrade suburb of Lestane on Tuesday, leaving two workers dead and 16 injured, according to firefighters at the site.

The cause of the explosion is still to be determined, but Milos Majstorivic, the commander of the firefighting brigade, has told reporters that it occurred at the warehouse storing 500 rockets with 30 kilograms of explosives each.

„At the moment, the situation is stable, and the drones with thermal imaging cameras are searching for possible casualties,“ he said.

Two workers died, and 16 people were injured in the explosion at the factory near the Belgarde Lestane suburb ring road, Majstorovic said earlier.

The media reported that fire lorries were at the site and that a large cloud of smoke was visible south of central Belgrade, Majstorovic said earlier.

Later in the day, N1 learned that two hurt people were rushed to Belgrade’s Emergency Room, but no details about their injuries were reported.


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