UK ambassador: Show appreciation to media professionals

NEWS 03.05.2021 10:57
Source: FENA

World Press Freedom Day is a chance to remind ourselves of the crucial work being done by independent journalists, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and all over the world, and to show them our appreciation, UK ambassador to BiH Matt Field wrote in his latest blog.

“Countries with the freest media, where transparency shines like a spotlight on wrongdoing, have the least corruption. Where journalists and media organisations are free to do their work safely, societies are more prosperous and more resilient. The free exchange of views and information that results allows communities to identify and pursue opportunities and to recognise problems that must be addressed,” the ambassador wrote.

He pointed out the challenges the journalists have been facing and still do throughout the pandemic, with many of them putting their lives at risk as they reported from the front lines.

He also stressed the way in which female journalists are targeted, just like female politicians and other women in public, often being “single out, with additional abuse, threats, or references to their personal lives.”

“As in those other areas, this is a deliberate and consistent attempt to sideline their views and to reduce their willingness to take a leading role,” said Field.

He emphasised that media freedom is a priority for the UK and that he is trying to tackle those abuses and stand with victims alongside his colleagues around the world.

“World Media Freedom Day is a reminder of the essential work being done by independent, professional journalisms. We all benefit from their determination, and the bravery. They help us to have a voice, to know what is truly happening, and to hold those in power to account. In return, we owe them our support and our thanks,” said the ambassador in his blog.


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