UK MP Kearns: Sanctions against those threatening BiH institutions are a must

NEWS 28.01.2022 21:111 komentar
Source: Alicia Kearns (N1)

In a televised interview with N1, British MP Alicia Kearns said that sanctions against those threatening to dismantle state institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina must be on the table. According to her, sanctions are the right mechanism and she hopes that the UK government will listen to her proposal. Also, Kearns spoke live about the Mothers of Srebrenica and revealed that it was a "privilege" for her to meet them.

She first came to Bosnia in 2015 saying that everyone who comes here is “captured” by the wonderful people. Kearns told N1 that the United Kingdom has an obligation to BiH and its citizens and she as an MP must be the voice of those who are silent, those who are not heard, and there are many such people in Bosnia.

In London, she said she met with High Representative in Bih Christian Schmidt with whom she spoke about their joint concern which is the undermining of the Dayton Peace Agreement and how Bosnian residents want to live in Peace. She underlined that the UK fully supports Schmidt as High Representative.

Asked about sanctions against Bosnian Serb Presidency member Milorad Dodik who announced the Republika Srpska (RS) entity’s withdrawal of consent for the formation of some key state institutions, and whether they are still on the table, Kearns said it was her personal opinion that sanctions absolutely must be on the table because there must be consequences for those threatening to dismantle state institutions, adding that she believes sanctions are the right mechanism and that the British Government will do as she suggests.

Speaking about her engagement as the patron of Remembering Srebrenica organisation and membership in the parliamentary group for BiH she said during the marking of the Holocaust Memorial Day in the British Parliament, they also spoke about the Srebrenica genocide of 1995, stressing the importance of major foreign countries speaking about the events that took place in July of 1995 in Srebrenica.

Asked to comment on the announced award from the Mothers of Srebrenica Association for the preservation of peace and stability in BiH, the British MP said she was deeply moved by that gesture adding that she told the Association representatives that she did not deserve it when she met them. However, she reiterated that she feels working for the benefit of Bosnia is her obligation and privilege.

Finally, when asked why she finds it so important to preserve the country’s stability and multi-ethnicity, Kearns said it is because it is unacceptable, anywhere in the world, for people not to be able to live the way they are and to practice their religion freely. For her, peace is of utmost importance and she does not want her children watching bloody images from Bosnia on TV, which she had had to watch as a young woman.


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