UK Parliament IDC delegation ends its visit to BiH

NEWS 11.02.2022 14:25
Source: British Embassy Sarajevo

The UK International Development Committee (IDC) delegation, led by MP Sarah Champion, ended its visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina where it met with BiH officials and civil society representatives to discuss how the UK can support “a fairer, more inclusive society for all” in the country.

The visit between 8 and 11 February is part of the IDC’s Promoting dialogue and preventing atrocities: the UK government approach inquiry, the UK Embassy in BiH said, explaining that the IDC “oversees the spending of UK government official development assistance on behalf of Parliament, including its work in promoting dialogue and reconciliation between communities.”


“During the visit, they were able to see firsthand how UK development assistance and political engagement is supporting dialogue between communities, combatting hate speech and supporting reconciliation across the country.”

The delegation met Bosnia’s Council of Minsiters Chairman, Zoran Tegeltija, as well as with members of both Collegiums of BiH’s Parliamentary Assembly. The members also met with civil society representatives across the country, “including those delivering UK-funded projects working to strengthen dialogue and to overcome past legacies.”

“The IDC will continue their wider Inquiry on return to the UK, with a report expected in the coming months,” the statement said.

British Ambassador to BiH, Matt Field, said:

“This week’s parliamentary visit was a further demonstration of UK interest in, and commitment to, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Meeting a wide range of civil society voices, female entrepreneurs, and politicians, our parliamentarians listened carefully to their concerns, and their plans for the future. The UK will continue to support those fighting for an inclusive, safe and prosperous BiH, and a country where all can succeed,” said British Ambassador to BiH, Matt Field.

“As a cross-party delegation from the UK Parliament International Development Committee, we wanted to see first-hand the challenges currently facing Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the drivers of tension today. We were heartened by the passion and commitment of many, especially young people, to build stronger and more cohesive communities, while tackling the legacy of past violence. What happens in this country matters. During the trip we scrutinised UK policy and investments, identified lessons to learn, and underlined the need for the UK to play an active role in supporting positive change,” said MP Sarah Champion.


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