Ukrainian citizens for N1: If Ukraine falls, Europe will fall

NEWS 08.03.2022 10:03
Source: N1

While Ukraine is grateful for all the financial and humanitarian help it is getting from all over the world, what the country really needs is a no-fly zone, Ukrainians told N1 on Tuesday, arguing that “if Ukraine falls, Europe will fall.”

“I'm experiencing this for the second time,” Bodnya told N1.

“We were there for 5 or 6 days in a shelter in our house, and then we moved to a safer place. The situation is different in Donetsk and Kyiv. Here I feel safer everywhere in the whole territory. There is a big war ongoing here on all sides in Ukraine, and in Donetsk, there was a war going on within one small area. You would only be safe if you left Donetsk,” she said, explaining the differences between conflict now and the one that took place eight years ago.

She also said that the Russians are now shooting at civilians who are trying to evacuate via humanitarian corridors from Kyiv and that this was not the case in 2014.

“People are being killed. Whole families were killed as they tried to reach a safer place. A bomb destroyed a house in Kyiv, 70 meters from the shelter where I am staying. Some colleagues who worked for humanitarian organisations and who help others were killed. This is a war without rules,” she said.

“The main message I want to send is that it may not be in the minds of Europeans yet, but if Ukraine falls – Europe will fall. If Europe supports Ukraine, it will survive. The whole world facing a threat. This is a matter of international order and peace in the world,” Bodnya stressed.

Musician Dmytro Shurov was touring Ukraine when the war began. Now he cannit return to his home near Kyiv because it is under attack daily. He said most of the members of his band are now soldiers now, and the music studio has been turned into a shelter.

“This is not just a war, this is a terrorist war. Schools and kindergartens are burning, civilians are dying. There was another shelling last night and eight children were killed. It's a disgusting war,” he said.

Shurov said that his friend, a young actor, was killed while helping people evacuate from a place near Kyiv.

“So many young people are dying. Russia does not keep its word. There is no agreement with Russia, Ukraine is fighting evil and we need the help of the whole world. We need help from the skies. Help us close the airspace and protect people's lives,” Shurov said.

Dmytro Trut, a young lawyer from Kyiv, fled with his family to Ternopil in central Ukraine. He provides assistance to refugees there.

“A large number of them are from the eastern and central parts of Ukraine, moving towards Poland. They need food, clothes, a place where they can live for at least a few days,” he said.

“War is a terrible thing. The largest country in the world has attacked the largest country in Europe, there is no reason for such an attack. The only reason why Putin and his armies are starting this war is because they do not want the existence of Ukraine,” Trut said.

Ukraine is grateful for all the help it is getting from all over the world, but that is not enough, he said.

“We must close the airspace. if Ukraine falls, EU countries will fall. This is a war between the civilized world and terrorists,” he said.


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