UK's Truss says Britain to help BiH Armed Forces be able to protect the country

NEWS 28.05.2022 17:39
Source: Foto: Oli SCARFF / AFP

Bosnia and Czechia are well aware of the price paid by not standing up to the aggressor, British Foreign Secretary Lit Truss said in her video, adding that the UK will continue to support and strengthen BiH.

She said the UK would continue working with these countries to support Ukraine and oppose the malignant Russian influence throughout Europe.

British sincere and reliable investments, she added, will provide a strong alternative in BiH and they will help train their armed forces to protect their safety.

Truss stayed in BiH two days ago, where she met with BiH officials, among others, with members of the BiH Presidency and BiH Foreign Minister Bisera Turkovic. On that occasion, she said that she was clearly and loudly against the policies of division in BiH, but also those who support Russia.