UN Security Council schedules session on situation in Bosnia

NEWS 22.07.2021 11:30
Source: Ilustracija

UN Security Council is set to meet on Thursday at 9 pm with Bosnia and Herzegovina as the only topic on the meeting agenda.

The 8823rd meeting on the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina comes days after the information that Russia requested a vote in the UN SC on its recent draft resolution that demands the closure of the office of international envoy in BiH by end of July next year.

The vote request was confirmed by diplomats who spoke to AFP on the condition of anonymity.

Russia's draft resolution also has the support of China.

Among other things, it demands that the High Representative, who oversees the peace implementation in BiH, would immediately be stripped of his special powers, and his office would be closed down by 2022.

It has not been confirmed yet if Bosnia's representative at the UN Sven Alkalaj will attend or speak at this session.


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