United Group donates €1 million for Ukraine

NEWS 31.03.2022 15:30
Source: N1

United Group said on Thursday that it would donate €1 million in aid for two humanitarian organizations in Ukraine.

A press release by the leading telecommunications and media operator in southeastern Europe said that the money will be donated to the International Medical Corps which provides first aid and emergency medical care and the Bright Kids Charity, a Ukrainian organization providing help to sick, endangered and handicapped children.

“United Group is shocked and horrified by the continuing destruction inflicted on Ukraine and its citizens. We feel for the innocent victims of this war and everyone affected by it,” the press release said.

“Nothing in this world is more precious than human life. “Our most important duty as human beings is to do everything in our power to maintain peace. As a Ukrainian whose family is still there, this war is a personal tragedy for me,” the press release quoted United Group CEO Viktoriya Boklag as saying.

United Group said the donation is aimed at helping the people worst affected by the war, refugees, families who couldn’t escape the war and children in orphanages and hospitals. The money will be used to secure basic needs, food and shelter for civilians, especially families with children.

“The United Group donation is accompanied by other initiatives to help support the victims of war in Ukraine. United Group and the companies within it organized activities to collect money and sorely needed supplies, secured SIM cards and mobile WiFi routers for refugees as well as free calls to Ukraine from United Group land line and mobile networks to allow refugees and our clients contact with family and friends,” the press release said.

(N1 Television is part of United Group.)


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