US Ambassador: BiH judiciary in chaos

NEWS 07.07.2022 15:49
Source: N1

BiH judiciary is in a state of chaos, US Ambassador to BiH Michael Murphy concluded at a conference titled "Anti-corruption as a security strategy: how judicial reform can help the political stabilization of BiH" which was held in Sarajevo Thursday where a Report of the Temporary Investigation Commission of the House of Representatives was promoted in order to determine the situation in the judicial institutions of BiH.

Murphy said he believes the BiH judiciary is in a state of chaos and that it was brought to that state by corrupt politicians.

“It is interesting that most of the Commission's witnesses come from the judiciary, but it’s shocking to read their assessment of the situation in that area,” said Murphy.

Head of the OSCE Mission to BiH Kathleen Kavalec noted that “the priority is the reform of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council as a body that appoints judges and prosecutors, and creates and supervises judicial practices in BiH,” says Kavalec.

She added that the OSCE strongly supports the work of the Interim Commission of Inquiry, which is crucial for improving the situation in the area of the rule of law in Bosnia.

Holders of judicial functions in courts in BIH were evaluated worse last year, compared to the previous one, and the event concluded that the evaluation criteria for judges and prosecutors must be harmonized.


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