US Ambassador: BiH political leaders must seize this opportunity

NEWS 17.03.2022 12:29
Source: F.Z./N1

A new geopolitical moment has emerged in Europe, including in the Western Balkans, which has opened up a new opportunity for Bosnia and Herzegovina, US Ambassador, Michael Murphy, said at a press conference where proposals for electoral reform in the country were presented.

Murphy said that the US, the EU and the OSCE are here to help BiH political “reach the compromise and consensus needed to seize the opportunity.

The US Ambassador addressed journalists along with the Head of the OSCE Mission in BiH, Kathleen Kavalec, as well as managing director for Europe and Central Asia at the European External Action Service (EEAS), Angelina Eichhorst.


He said that an agreement on electoral reform in BiH must include, most importantly, a package that ensures the integrity of the election process.

The General Elections in BiH are scheduled for October.

Head of the OSCE Mission, Kathleen Kavalec, reminded that BiH has committed itself to the immediate implementation of all OSCE recommendations to the Human Rights Office regarding the election process.

She stressed that this refers to the implementation of all court rulings regarding the matter.

She also pointed out that it is important to that citizens are included in the process related to the reform of the election law.


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