US Ambassador to UN: RS actions threaten peace in BiH

NEWS 11.05.2022 19:49
Source: Linda Thomas-Greenfield (N1)

The United States Ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, thanked the High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Christian Schmidt, for his report to the UN Security Council and noted that all political parties are responsible for the situation in the country, however, not all are equal in this blame.

“Bosnia and Herzegovina’s sovereignty is a priority and it is unquestionable. But as we have heard today, this hard-won stability is at stake. We agree with the High Representative's assessment that this is a dangerous path for all citizens of BiH and the wider region. Local political leaders use inflammatory rhetoric, threatening to prevent or boycott elections, and refuse to tackle corruption. The United States condemns this behaviour,” the American Ambassador said.

“In particular, everyone should be concerned about the steps taken by Milorad Dodik and Republika Srpska to block state institutions in implementing the will of the people and to take away the competencies of the state. The Republika Srpska authorities are also working to withdraw from the constitutional, legal and institutional order and they have begun establishing parallel frameworks,” Thomas-Greenfield added.

“I want to be clear – these activities are undemocratic, escalatory, not in the spirit of the Dayton Agreement and are threatening the health, prosperity and future of the entire country and its citizens,” she said.

International Community's High Representative presented his regular report to the UN Security Council in which he warned of the destabilizing effects of the RS entity and other nationalist leaders threatening peace and stability of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

She also pointed out that calls by “Bosnian Croat political representatives” for obstructing the elections or creating a new territorial organization were also “dangerous and could undermine peace and security in the region”.

“Unfortunately, all ethno-nationalist leaders, including Bosniak parties, have decided to use corruption, fear and division to stay in power. They have undermined trust in the country's institutions from within. All the country's leaders are responsible for the challenges it now faces. The U.S. laments the growing divisions and rhetoric used by political parties to fuel tensions and divert attention from other issues, including widespread corruption,” the Ambassador concluded.


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