US ambassador urges Bosnians to choose their future in October elections

NEWS 30.06.2022 21:14
Source: Ambasada SAD u BiH

Democracy can be hard and dispiriting but it is the best form of government devised by human kind, US ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Michael Murphy said on Thursday, addressing the ceremony on the occasion of the 4th of July, the US Independence Day, the first held in three past years at the embassy's premises in Sarajevo.

“Democracy cannot survive unless the people actively nurture and safeguard it. This requires citizens to participate in their democracy, whether in the United States or here in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” the ambassador noted.

He said he was certain that all those attending the ceremony wanted something better for Bosnia and Herzegovina, such as functioning government or end of blockades.

“Bosnia and Herzegovina is going to hold the elections this year. They are an opportunity to choose the future that you want for yourselves, your children, and your grandchildren. Ask yourselves, whether the leaders who you elected four years ago kept their promises. If you are unhappy with the answer, then the elections are an opportunity to hold them accountable,” Murphy stressed, inviting those involved in the politics to ask themselves if they were living up to their obligations and if they could do more for the citizens.


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