US and Bosnian military hold exercise within Partnership for Peace

Source: Black Hawk (Shutterstock/Ilustracija)

Members of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the United States of America will exchange military experiences as part of the "Partnership for Peace" program implemented by NATO from July 7 to 20 at the Manjaca military training ground, not far from Banja Luka, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty reported Thursday.

Three American UH-60 Black Hawk general-purpose helicopters will fly together with helicopters of the BiH Armed Forces (AF BiH) on and around the Manjaca training ground and the Mahovljani airport, not far from Banja Luka, BiH Defence Ministry announced on Tuesday.

Around 90 American troops from the 173rd Infantry Brigade, the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade, and the National Guard of the Federal State of Maryland will exchange experience with the reconnaissance platoons from the 4th, 5th, and 6th brigades of the AF BiH to strengthen the interoperability of military troops of the two countries, US Embassy in BiH said.

BiH Deputy Defence Minister Mijo Kresic, announced on Tuesday that BiH's goal is to build an operationally efficient, economical defence-security system that is compatible with NATO troops.

“The planning and revision process (PARP) within the framework of BiH's participation in NATO's Partnership for Peace (PfP) program for the current year and partnership goals are the best tool for that,” said Kresic, who is the Deputy Minister for Policy and Planning.

On July 6, the leaders of the BiH Defence Ministry and AF BiH started a three-day meeting in Sarajevo with the delegation of the NATO Headquarters from Brussels, where the assessment of the implementation of the PARP is discussed.

PARP is a mechanism that enables the identification of partner country forces and capabilities that may be available to NATO in joint exercises and operations under NATO command.

BiH has been a member of NATO's Partnership for Peace, the political-military program of this alliance, since 2006.

After the general elections held in October 2018, the formation of the Council of Ministers was blocked for more than a year due to BiH Presidency member Milorad Dodik's refusal to send the annual BiH Action Plan (ANP) for NATO to Brussels.


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