US Embassy condemns ‘arrogant’ tone of FBiH President's letter to HR Schmidt

NEWS 12.08.2022 18:26
Source: Ambasada SAD-a u BiH

The US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina commented on the statements by Marinko Cavara, the President of Bosnia's Federation entity (FBiH), regarding the failures to appoint the judges of the Constitutional Court of the FBiH, asking the official “what steps did he and his colleagues take during their eight years in power to resolve this lack of consensus?.” The ambassy also slammed the tone of the letter that Cavara sent to High Representative in Bosnia Christian Schmidt, the international peace envoy, informing him about his steps towards the appointment of judges.

“Federation of BiH President Marinko Cavara’s August 10 statement regarding his failure to nominate judges to the Federation Constitutional Court was not only personally irresponsible but demonstrates a broader problem – that the political leaders of this country have abandoned their duties to BiH citizens,” the embassy said.

Noting that Cavara did point out the lack of political consensus for not having executed his constitutional obligations, the embassy's statement asked:

“What steps did he and his colleagues take during their eight years in power to resolve this lack of consensus? What compromises did they make to build understanding and alleviate tensions?”

The embassy welcomed Cavara's commitment to do his job and appoint four judges to the FBiH Constitutional Court, which he announced earlier on Friday to the High Representative. Hwoever, the embassy criticised the tone of the message calling it “arrogant,” and presenting the facts from the note “one-sided in the extreme.”

“It ignores entirely the behavior of HDZ BiH (Cavara's political party), which has done much to sabotage FBiH institutions to pursue its own narrow interests and has abused the checks and balances contained in the FBiH constitution,” reads the statement.

The US embassy emphasised that BiH requires functional institutions at the state and entity levels if it is going to make progress towards Euro-Atlantic integration, and that positive change and reform are impossible without stability.

“This requires maintaining the balance between BiH’s two entities, and between its three constituent peoples and Others. Instead, political leaders have used those institutions to undermine that balance or to break the institutions altogether. Unfortunately, political leaders continue to refuse to resolve the long-standing institutional issues of BiH. The current toxic political culture is dangerous, and unless this changes, BiH will lack the stability required for the people of this country to enjoy the peace and prosperity they deserve,” the embassy underlined.


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