US Embassy condemns attacks on Bosnia's public servants

NEWS 22.01.2021 16:41
Source: Ambasada SAD u BiH

The US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina expressed full support to Bosnia's top electoral body in investigating any irregularities from the latest local election, condemning personal attacks on public servants

The call comes a day after the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Bosnia and Herzegovina annulled the results of the vote in the municipalities of Srebrenica and Doboj over reported irregularities.

“We fully support the CEC's efforts to implement the election law, and investigate any irregularities documented in Srebrenica, Doboj, and elsewhere. Its role is vital in ensuring citizens have confidence in the electoral process and their vote is counted,” the embassy tweeted on Friday.

The embassy also stressed political leaders with legitimate concerns about the integrity of the electoral system should support “common-sense improvements” detailed in the recommendations by international competent institutions “rather than undermining the legitimacy of BiH institutions.”

A day after Bosnia Presidency Chairman Milorad Dodik made comments about ethnicity of one CEC member as an expression of dissatisfaction over the decision to annul the election results, the Embassy also warned that there is no place for personal attacks on public servants.

“There can be no place for divisive hate speech or personal attacks on public servants. We call on political leaders to engage in civilized dialogue and promotion of tolerance and respect, and to take responsibility for advancing election integrity reforms in 2021,” said the Tweet.


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