US Embassy criticises SDA for “attempting to block corruption investigations”

NEWS 09.06.2022 17:45
Source: Fena

The United States Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina strongly criticised the strongest Bosniak ethnic party in the country, the Party of Democratic Action (SDA), arguing that it should act in accordance with its declared objectives and not, among other things, attempt to block corruption investigations.

The US Embassy noted the SDA said it shares the same objectives in BiH as the United States, the European Union, and the High Representative of the international community in the country.

These are, according to the tweet by the US Embassy:

1) Building a functional democratic state and stable institutions

2) Securing the rule of law

“If SDA shared these objectives with the United States, the party and its functionaries would not be attempting to block or disrupt corruption investigations; they would not be contributing to the dysfunctionality in the Federation (one of Bosnia’s two entities); and they would not preference divisive rhetoric over meaningful attempts at reconciliation,” the embassy said.

It stressed that the United States “does not favour any political party or ethnic group in BiH.”

“We support the people of this country – Bosniak, Serb, Croat and Others – and we support policies that will deliver a better future for the citizen of BiH,” it said.


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