US Embassy honours Fata Orlovic for her ‘persistent fight for justice’

NEWS 03.03.2021 15:05
Source: N1

The US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina has rewarded Fata Orlovic on the occasion of the Women's History Month 2021, honouring her for “her persistent fight for justice.”

“We celebrate Women's History Month 2021 by recognizing BiH Women of Courage – all of the women honoured have faced challenges with dignity and stand tall as courageous role models not only for women and girls but for all people in all aspects of society,” the embassy said.

Orlovic has for years been in a legal battle to return the property rights and have a church built on her land removed. In October 2019, she won the case before the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

The US Embassy said the recognition for Orlovic comes for her “persistent fight for justice in asserting her property rights.”

“We thank every one of you for what you do each day and for showing everyone what can be accomplished by courageous women.”


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