US Embassy: Obstructions to organising 2022 elections in BiH are destabilising

NEWS 04.05.2022 19:38

Political leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina have a constitutional responsibility to ensure that citizens can exercise their democratic right to vote in free, fair and timely elections and obstructions to the financing and holding of elections are destabilising and contrary to BiH's Euro-Atlantic path, the US Embassy in BiH said.

The statement comes after BiH’s Central Election Commission (CEC) made the decision to officially set the general elections in the country for October 2, 2022.


This prompted Bosnian Croat political leader, Dragan Covic, to write to international community representatives in Bosnia, complaining that the move was made without the country adopting changes to the election law and that Bosnian Croat political parties are now forced to push for a territorial reorganisation of BiH.

Obstructions to the financing and holding of elections and threats to further the division of BiH are also not in line with the 1995 Dayton Peace Agreement, the Embassy said.

“It is time for leaders to accept responsibility for advancing real reforms, such as the rule of law and laws governing the integrity of the electoral process, that can move BiH forward and allow voters to choose who is committed to fighting corruption and working for BiH's prosperity,” the Embassy said in a statement for N1.


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